What is Minecraft?

You’ve just reached the overview of Minecraft page, where we tell you the absolute basics of our game. You’re either reading this because we managed to rank this specific page on google, or just browsing our site for more awesome content. That way or another, I invite you to an overview of Minecraft:

Minecraft can be described as an infinite game of freedom and exploration. It’s an indie sandbox game developed and programmed by Marcus Persson. It was originally created in Sweden and if you would like read more about Mojang and Persson’s company, you can find it by clicking our quick summary of Mojang.The first version of Minecraft was its alpha release on May 17th, 2009. It was published officially on November 8th, 2011. There are also numerous mobile applications for Android and iOS as well as console Minecraft games.

Minecraft Multiplayer

Minecraft’s basics are to dig/chop/take blocks of specific texture such as Wood, Stone, or Dirt and place them in a different location on the 3D generated world. All worlds are generated randomly but you can choose a specific seed to select a certain biome your world should refer too. Almost every world features the standard desert, jungle, water, mountain, and more locations for you to walk across. The game’s activities rely on gathering resources, combat, PvP (in multiplayer worlds), crafting, and exploration. You constantly blend these aspects in Minecraft to create your own RPG experience.

There really is no finish or end-level to the Minecraft experience. You can do whatever you please and your world strictly tailors to the way you want to play. There is an achievement system built into today’s Minecraft update. For a real challenge, I dare you to complete all ;)

a New World!

Minecraft’s in-game time cycles divide into day and night and one full day is 20 real-time minutes. During the day you can meet many different creatures in the world, such as cows, chickens, or even squids (if you can dive deep enough). Each of these creatures, upon death, gives you some different resources, such as feathers to craft arrows or meat to eat. During the night is a different story, as you have to watch out for the numerous “mobs”, or monsters ranging from annoying zombies, to furious skeletons with bows. Either way, at night it’s better to remain in your own-built shelter.

Survival mode is the first and original mode. Like it sounds, the goal here is to survive. So no comforts of any kind, you either live, or die. At first, the player needs to gather some basic resources in order to advance with ‘technology’ and progress with more complicated materials in the game. Basic resources could be considered as wood, stone, dirt, etc. To gather these is fairly easy, or so it seems. For the beginning player it is absolutely necessary to find some coal before the first night. Mobs (or monsters) spawn in darker places, such as caves, but especially at night. If one can manage to gather 30 dirt blocks to make the most simple box-to-hide-in ever and place a torch to be able to see during those long 6 minutes of night time, then congratulations you just passed your first night peacefully. In this mode, you also are equipped with a health bar. Events that in real life would be fatal, in Minecraft, take away some life points in the form of hearts. Also, you have a hunger bar that depletes overtime and you must refill it with, (duh), food.

the Minecraft online world

Crafting is the basis of mineCRAFT and there are hundreds of different combinations of items you can make. Items that help with extracting more material, armor, weapons,

Depending on the difficulty chosen at the start of the new world (Easy, Medium, Difficult, or Impossible), some aspects may change, such as the amount of damage taken from a fall, or the amount of mobs spawning in a certain area.

In creative mode, the player has access to several different blocks in unlimited quantities. All of the chosen items are already in your inventory. Blocks are created and destroyed instantly, so no desperation for good tools anymore! Additional buffs include being able to fly around everywhere in the world and not taking any damage from enemies. Basically, creative is invincibility mode. It’s usually taken for bigger projects and just letting all the fury out when.. you just want to build something giant.

Minecraft castle

There is also adventure mode that is closely related to Survival mode, however intended for custom maps and user-created scenarios. Some differences include not being able to destroy certain blocks with normal tools but specific makes. Such as if we wanted to destroy a wooden wall with bare hands. Normally, it would allow us, but in our map you can only destroy wood with a diamond axe. It all depends on the map or scenario you wish to play.

The real fun comes with Minecraft multiplayer, for more information on servers and our recommended server, visit our page, Minecraft multiplayer!